As a communications professional, I can help you enhance your brand image and credibility, increase your productivity and efficacy or even help you expand your reach. How? By helping you communicate clearly with your target audience in their own language and in proper written form, adapting communications to the local context.

Spoken words fly away, written words remain! To deliver a clear and strong message in French, I am here to help you.

Writing and rewriting

Looking for a flash of inspiration? Do you have great ideas but no time to write your content?

I can help you structure your ideas as we discuss your communication goals. I always seek to deliver a text that's clear and readable, tailored to the needs and expectations of your audience or readership.

Perhaps you already have a first draft completed and you'd like to:

I can help you improve and enhance your document. Let's connect.

Translation into French and Italian

Translation means more than transferring words from one language to another. Language and culture are intertwined. To translate effectively, I need to know what you’re writing about. I need to understand your document thoroughly and transform it into a French version that’s true to the original in content and style.

If you want a good translation, you need a good writer! If you are seeking a flawless and idiomatic French translation, contact me.

Here are my fields of expertise:

Food translation and editing services

I can translate and edit (in French) food-related documents: web sites, advertising brochures, direct marketing campaigns, packaging and labeling, food labels, newsletters, recipes and menus.

Did you know that menus provide a direct link to your clientele and promote your restaurant or catering services? Your business image can either enhance or undermine your reputation. That’s why menus should appeal to your customers' taste buds while reflecting your professionalism.

Translation tailored to the culture of a target market

You don't translate a slogan like you translate a recipe! Transcreation is a creative translation. I combine language, culture and emotions to create a creative and compelling text that, once translated, produces a similar emotional effect in the target language.


Do you want to earn the trust of strategic partners? Do you want to convince your audience about your products/services? To do so, you need to speak their language. With the right words and an attractive presentation, I will help you reach your French-speaking audience. Let's connect and see if I can help you.

Linguistic advice and validation

Are you wondering about specific word usage? Not sure what type of expression to use in a formal letter? Are you hoping to boost your credibility in the eyes of a potential employer? If so, contact me.

French editing for academics, researchers, and professors

To maximise your chance to get published or to avoid embarassing errors, contact me.

Blog content creation (in French)

I can write texts to publish in your blog. Let me know how I can help you. Simply contact me.

Editing services

My editing services help you:

Are you looking for a trustworthy professional to translate, proofread or edit your French or Italian-language documents right when you need them?

Get in touch and tell me about your project.